Pioneers in fog computing
Applying Fog Computing to Industrial Automation

What is Fog Computing?

Fog Computing, the “Fog”, is a complement to Cloud Computing, is the Cloud moving down, “closer to the ground”, to the end systems, the machines, the sensors and actuators.

The Fog is secure, highly available, virtualized, real-time capable edge computing, networking and storage which will enable a powerful convergence between Information Technologies and Industrial Operational Technologies.

The Fog is a Keystone of IoT, The Industrial Internet, and Industry 4.0. The Fog is happening!

We are proudly part of the OpenFog Consortium

Fog Computing: A New Functionality Layer in the Industrial Automation Pyramid

Fog Computing will insert a powerful new functionality layer in the industrial Automation pyramid, between production machines and process control.

Advantages of the New Fog Computing Automation Architecture

This architecture will enable a powerful convergence, unification and standardization at the networking, security, data, computing, and control levels. It will lead to improved interoperability, security, more efficient and rich control, and higher manufacturing efficiency and flexibility. It will enable:

  • Modern wired/wireless, and deterministic communications
  • Insertion of modern, application aware and software defined networking
  • Rich, local device management
  • Secure, reliable software management, with modern edge application deployment
  • Real-time local control based on complex analytics

Nebbiolo Fog Computing Platform


A flexible, modular, high performance and highly available, highly connected, scalable, real-time capable hardware architecture, manifesting in a family of fogNodes


A rich software stack on each CPU subsystem (fogOS), enabling fast, secure solution deployment


An advanced end-to-end management of distributed networking and computing systems, assets, software and applications

Our Key Partners

TTTech Computertechnik AG is the technology leader in robust networked safety controls with applications in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, off-highway, energy production, railway and industrial

As a pioneer in robotics and automation technology, KUKA Robotic systems worldwide. KUKA offers a unique and wide range of industrial robots and robot systems, covering all common payload categories and robot types.

Early Access Program

Try our technology for free for 30 days, then become an Early Access Partner.

In May 2016, we will begin an effort to identify a few, selected and committed partners, which will travel close to us in the next months of our exciting journey, as our EAP partners.

Advantages of Becoming an EAP Partner

  • Early access to the technology
  • Ability to actively influence key features and priorities
  • Market Timing
  • Availability of development prototypes
  • Visibility over development pipeline
  • Active training for up to three resources
  • Use of Nebbiolo logo, for co-marketing opportunities

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About us

Our team of successful entrepreneurs has a proven track record of inventing and delivering world class technologies & products within start-ups as well as technology giants.

We are a young Silicon Valley stage startup with the vision of applying  the Fog Computing Paradigm to Industrial Automation and other related IoT verticals.


  • Flavio Bonomi
    Flavio BonomiCEO / Founder
    • Chandra Joshi
      Chandra JoshiVP Engineering / Founder
      • Kannan Devarajan
        Kannan DevarajanCTO / Founder
        • Pankaj Bhagra
          Pankaj BhagraArchitect / Founder
          • Palani Chinnakannan
            Palani ChinnakannanArchitect / Founder

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