KUKA TTTech Investment Press Release

Fog computing is a key enabler for the Industrial Internet/Industry 4.0. and thus an essential building block for the intelligent factory of the future. The investment and related joint development programs blend together Nebbiolo’s fog computing know-how with the leading real-time communication platforms from TTTech to enable KUKA, a global innovation leader of Industrie 4.0, seamlessly linking cloud services with its real-time critical control infrastructure.

This strategic cooperation between the three companies will result in a portfolio of “fog enabled” products and services that act as a bridge between the world of IT and the world of industrial machinery. Fog computing is built on many of the same concepts as cloud computing, but applied to the more compact and highly robust embedded systems that are found on the manufacturing floor. The combination of fog computing with real-time communication standards such as OPC UA and Deterministic Ethernet including IEEE TSN now enables customers to freely, but securely, access and use data from machines in ways that have never been possible before.

The Nebbiolo real-time fog computing platform was successfully demonstrated live at the world’s largest industrial fair in Hannover this April, linking KUKA robots with a large number of machines from several of its industrial partners across the fair and supporting fleet management, data acquisition, software upgrades and other advanced cloud-based services. Nebbiolo Technologies also participated in a TTTech demonstration of real-time OPC UA over TSN at the Industrial Internet Consortium booth.

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