About Fog and Edge Computing

Bringing cloud-like functionality closer to data-producing sources and merging real-time capabilities to integrate IT and OT in a single platform.

David Fuller - Chief Technology Officer

KUKA Roboter GmbH

"By collaborating with Nebbiolo Technologies, we were able to develop an innovative end-to-end IoT solution that allows users access and analytics of their KUKA robots at any time and on any device," said David Fuller, Chief Technology Officer, KUKA Roboter GmbH. Nebbiolo Technologies Fog Computing platform plays an important role in the end-to-end solution and provides secure discovery, communication and transfer of robot data to the cloud."

Maciej Kranz - EVP and CTO, Member of the Executive Board, formerly VP of Cisco

KONE Corporation

"A few years ago, with the advent of Internet of Things, a few of us envisioned the need for distributed cloud capabilities to take full advantage of IoT revolution. Flavio Bonomi, CEO of Nebbiolo Technologies, called it fog computing. I am thrilled to see that the “fog vision” is now becoming a reality with fog computing platforms now being integrated as a key element of IoT architectures and solutions."

Dr. Stefan Poledna - CTO and Member of the Executive Board


"We are extremely glad to combine our safety and real-time control know how with Nebbiolos flexible, zero-touch deployment, and open API-based Fog Computing platform to provide full IT/OT convergence to our customers management of IoT infrastructure such as temperature and pressure sensors, power distribution units, and HVAC equipment.”

Hironobu Nishikori - President and CEO

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

“Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation and Nebbiolo Technologies Inc. have signed a strategic partnership agreement to deploy industrial IoT solutions using leading-edge fog computing technology. As strategic partners, we are delivering a complete suite of infrastructure products driving new business supporting Industrial IoT architecture and specifications, and delivering a firm and secure offering to our industrial customers.”

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