TTTech and Nebbiolo Celebrate the Launch of Nerve Together

Earlier this year TTTech announced a strategic cooperation with Nebbiolo Technologies, a Silicon Valley start-up at the forefront of fog computing. Just a few months later, TTTech and Nebbiolo Technologies were ready to show the first fruits of their joint work at the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

The launch event for Nerve – TTTech’s edge computing and control product platform – was the culmination of intensive development effort involving core teams from TTTech and Nebbiolo Technologies. The Nerve platform is targeted at machine builders who are looking to gain greater insight into machines, take control of data access, and unlock more value from their products. It comprises machine-mounted (MFN) and rack-mounted (RFN) devices with a scalable, secure and virtualized middleware for deployment of edge analytics, programmable logic control (PLC) and
other applications.

Nerve is powered by scalable software and secure system management from Nebbiolo Technologies. These elements enable users to deploy Nerve in a fog architecture to ensure that application data is always processed in the right place at the right time. Fog computing, pioneered by Nebbiolo Technologies, is a key enabler for Industry 4.0 and an essential building block for the intelligent factory of the future. Flavio Bonomi, CEO and founder of Nebbiolo Technologies: “At Nebbiolo Technologies, we deeply value our strategic relationship with TTTech. Their real-time
networking and safety technologies and experience are critical components in realizing our long held vision for fog computing, or real-time capable edge computing, and for its disruptive application to industrial automation and other Internet of Things verticals. The Nerve product platform fully manifests this vision, and will provide many of the benefits brought about by the convergence of IT and OT technologies it so clearly enables.”

TTTech and Nebbiolo Technologies are focussed on offering Nerve with a range of cloud services that are secure, easy to use and tailored to the requirements of machine builders. To this end, TTTech is implementing Nerve with a number of lead customers and is ready to offer proof of concepts to other interested customers.

Wolfgang Leindecker, Vice President Sales Industrial, said “TTTech’s strategic investment in Nebbiolo Technologies showed our commitment to shaping the convergence of IT and industry through innovation. The Nerve product platform is the first realization of this vision and highlights how the TTTech / Nebbiolo partnership is focused on providing customer ready solutions that will make an impact today.”

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