Nebbiolo Technologies Advances Fog Computing for Industrial IoT with a new release of fogOS and fogSM software stack components

MILPITAS, Calif., June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nebbiolo Technologies Inc., today unveiled a new release of fogOS2.2.0 (that includes fogSM software component), which powers the industry’s leading Fog Computing hyper-converged infrastructure platform. This platform helps enterprises securely run their business-critical IT and OT applications at the edge, in the public/private cloud, or in hybrid cloud environments.

The Fog Operating System and the cloud controller fogSM, offer a complete software infrastructure that is deployed on the Nebbiolo fogNode hardware, or 3rd party fogNodes platforms (see below Hardware support matrix). The hardware platforms and features supported in earlier releases would also be supported in this latest version.

This software release provides support for the following new features categories:

fogSM Deployment Options

  • On-premises fogSM
    • This feature offers flexibility to the end-user, enabling to instantiate the fogSM instance on servers within the corporate premises instead of traditionally launching fogSM instance on cloud (AWS/Azure).

Operations and Orchestration

  • UX based fogNode upgrade
    • The feature enables the fogSM administrator to upgrade the fogNodes, installed across geographies, via the fogSM User-Interface with a few clicks. The upgrade operation occurs in the background, and the user can track the status of the upgrade from the fogSM UI.
  • VM backup and recovery
    • The feature offers the customer to on-demand backup and restore OT-VMs on fogNodes. This offers protection to the user in restoring applications hosted on the OT-VMs in case of unexpected VM image failures.
  • Real-time application deployment workflow
    • fogSM AppStore is enhanced to accommodate the provisioning and deployment of real-time applications on the fogNodes.
  • Alarm infrastructure (alerts dashboard and monitoring)
    • Enables the administrator to monitor the health of fogSM using performance metrics with the support for alerts sent over email, instant-messaging connectors.

Fog Infrastructure

  • Support for OPC/UA
    • South-bound connectivity options have been extended to include the OPC/UA protocol to support injection of data generated by the sensor devices.
  • NFN-50 hardware platform support
    • A new x86 based hardware platform supported in the fogOS2.2.0 release extends the fogNode hardware portfolio to include a low-cost solution based on the Advantech UTX IoT Gateway with 1 LAN and 1 WAN interface.
  • Siemens MindSphere Connector
    • Supported integration via a local connector to MindSphere cloud services.

Edge IoT data analytics and SDK
A graphical dashboard to configure flexible data pipelines offers data-processing as well as data-visualization capabilities on the fogNode (near the data-source) and fogSM (in the cloud or on-premise). The distributed analytics platform allows users to configure and deploy data-pipelines with the following purpose:

  • Data reduction at the edge.
  • Data conversion and data cleansing at the edge.
  • Data exploration and visualization.
  • Anomaly detection with machine learning.
  • Allows users to extend the pipeline capabilities by adding their own user defined functions.
  • Building a model in the cloud or on-premise with a large volume/data-set and deploy the model at the edge for processing the live streaming data.

Product Availability
The release fogOS2.2.0 will be generally available (GA) in August 2018.

Additional Resources
Hardware Support Matrix

Supported HardwareMinimum VersionDescription
NFL-1000C fogLetfogOs1.0.0Using NFN-300 chassis, Production Version
MFN 100fogOs1.2.1Production Version
NFN-200fogOs2.0.0Production Version
NFN-50fogOs2.2.0Production Version

About Nebbiolo Technologies
Nebbiolo is a pioneer of fog computing, developer of “fog/edge infrastructure” software for industrial and commercial IoT application solutions. Nebbiolo’s software platform brings the power of advanced analytics, real-time IoT devices control, security end-to-end from the “things” to the cloud, software defined IoT paradigm, and machine learning to the on-premise edge environment enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, machine performance optimization, proactive maintenance and operational intelligence use cases. Nebbiolo’s technology is ideally suited for OEMs, systems integrators and end customers in manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, as well as smart cities and connected vehicle applications.

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