Nebbiolo Technologies Named as Leading Industrial IoT Edge Platform – North America in 2019 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Awards Report

Nebbiolo Technologies Inc., an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, optimized for Industrial Automation, Electrical Distribution and Oil and Gas, today announced they have been recognized by global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan with the 2019 Customer Value Leadership Award for North America. Download the full report at

“Against the backdrop of extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognize Nebbiolo Technologies as the Customer Value Leader in the IIoT edge computing market,” wrote David Frigstad, Chairman at Frost & Sullivan.

According to the report, “Frost & Sullivan sees the future of manufacturing in edge (or fog) computing, which enables integration of functions and use of data analytics to greatly benefit manufacturing end users. In fact, the demand for edge computing is growing exponentially as industrial customers want to process the data generated by their devices at the edge of the network, right where the data is generated.”

“Frost & Sullivan recognizes that a key value proposition of Nebbiolo’s software platform is that it is the market’s first advanced hyper-converged infrastructure for IIoT edge applications. The company’s customer-centric approach enables end users to monitor in real-time their IIoT device control. Furthermore, Nebbiolo’s AI-based advanced analytics positions end users to instantly determine the status of a process and performance data so that problems can be addressed proactively, without causing downtime on the factory floor. Thus, with Nebbiolo’s next-generation fog solutions, end users can effectively leverage the power of predictive analytics.”

“In addition to simple modernization of old worksite assets, Nebbiolo promotes digitization of industry by enabling next-generation industrial IoT applications, advanced data services, such as monitoring, diagnosis, operational optimization, and preventive maintenance, and innovative real-time control,” said Chandra Joshi, CEO and Co-Founder of Nebbiolo Technologies.

About Nebbiolo Technologies
Nebbiolo Technologies is a California based company with global edge IIoT deployments, founded in 2015, with the mission to develop and apply the new Edge (a.k.a. Fog) Computing paradigm in the domain of Industrial IoT. The Nebbiolo Platform delivers a complete infrastructure, including:

  • A rich software stack (fogOS), delivering networking, security, resource virtualization, application and asset management, data management, and analytics functionality on each fogNode;
  • A centralized system management software, hosted in the cloud or on-premises (fogSM). This cloud-inspired system management supports a distributed non-homogeneous federation of fogNodes and end devices, enables the convergence of Information (IT) and Operations Technologies (OT) technologies in the fog layer, simplifies and secures the deployment and operations of complex resources at the edge.
  • Highly modular, secure, and scalable edge computing nodes (fogNodes), available through third parties.

The Nebbiolo Technologies Fog Platform is ideal to run edge applications with rich and streaming analytics capabilities. It is a scalable and highly available component of an End-to-End Industrial IoT solution, engineered to provide comprehensive end-to-end security, Software Defined Network (SDN) enabled real and virtual networking, and real-time capabilities to manage tight device control loops.

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