David Fuller - Chief Technology Officer

KUKA Roboter GmbH

"By collaborating with Nebbiolo Technologies, we were able to develop an innovative end-to-end IoT solution that allows users access and analytics of their KUKA robots at any time and on any device," said David Fuller, Chief Technology Officer, KUKA Roboter GmbH. Nebbiolo Technologies Fog Computing platform plays an important role in the end-to-end solution and provides secure discovery, communication and transfer of robot data to the cloud."

Maciej Kranz - VP/Author of Building the Internet of Things

Cisco Systems

"A few years ago, with the advent of Internet of Things, a few of us envisioned the need for distributed cloud capabilities to take full advantage of IoT revolution. Flavio Bonomi, CEO of Nebbiolo Technologies, called it fog computing. I am thrilled to see that the “fog vision” is now becoming a reality with fog computing platforms now being integrated as a key element of IoT architectures and solutions."

Dr. Stefan Poledna - CTO and Member of the Executive Board


"We are extremely glad to combine our safety and real-time control know how with Nebbiolos flexible, zero-touch deployment, and open API-based Fog Computing platform to provide full IT/OT convergence to our customers management of IoT infrastructure such as temperature and pressure sensors, power distribution units, and HVAC equipment.”

Greg Pruett - Executive Distinguished Engineer

Lenovo Data Center Group

"We’re excited to have partnered with Nebbiolo to build a new, innovative IoT technology preview. Customers have asked us to extend the benefits of simple, fast, and flexible deployment and management of compute, network, and storage hardware to industrial things connected to the data center. Our collaboration will simplify management of IoT infrastructure such as temperature and pressure sensors, power distribution units, and HVAC equipment.”

A New Layer In The Industrial Automation Pyramid

Fog Computing brings Cloud features close to the industrial floor together with real-time and safety features. It enables scalable computing at the edge with resource virtualization supporting both real-time and non real-time computing. It incorporates modern application management and data interoperability middleware, including OPC UA, edge storage, analytics, security, and advanced networking.

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Modern Data Acquisition, Analysis and Visualization

Enables factory fleet management, predictive maintenance, predictive quality control and higher efficiency.

Cloud Inspired Secure Software Lifecycle Management

Reduces management cost, enables faster software updates, improves flexibility and security, enables innovative application hosting (an Industrial fogStore).

Convergence of Real Time and non Real Time Functionality

Enables the convergence of key industrial floor functions, currently hosted in different, poorly communicating subsystems, and control points, with real time based complex analytics.

The Future Flexible Factory

Reconfigurable automation cells, arranged in a matrix configuration, with mobile robots distributing tools, products and materials, requires a Fog-based architecture.

Customer Success Stories Industrial Automation

Use Case

KUKA Connect Case Study

Industrial robots are a mainstay in the manufacturing of automobiles and auto parts. Their use is spreading widely to other areas of discrete manufacturing. KUKA Robotics, one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Robots for general industry and for automobile manufacturing, found compelling use cases to deploy fog computing as part of their robotic ecosystem.

Use Case

Machine Fog Node (MFN) Case Study

A traditional machine consists of tens of controllers performing functions as if in individual silos. The sensors, actuators, and other field devices work together to create the main control loop of the machine. The Industry 4.0 initiative to standardize components and the availability of industrial PCs has sparked the move towards applying edge computing to the machines. Edge computers provide a platform to integrate functions and a means to use analytics to influence the control loops. The Nebbiolo Machine Fog Node takes this one step further by applying the fog computing paradigm to the machine.

More Verticals To Benefit From Fog Computing

Smart Cities

Fog Computing will be able to obtain sensor data on all levels, and integrate all the mutually independent network entities within.

Intelligent Transportation

Fog Computing is ideal for Connected Vehicles (CV) because real-time interactions will make communications between cars, access points and traffic lights as safe and efficient as possible.


Fog Computing drives a powerful convergence, unification and standardization of control within heteregenous smart grids architectures.

Oil and Gas

Fog Computing enables distributed edge analytics allowing a digital oil and gas fields transformation.

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