Nebbiolo Technologies Fog Computing Platform inserts a distributed mini data center at the edge with Cloud-like resource management and real-time capabilities, and bridges the gap between IoT devices and the Cloud infrastructure

Cloud at the Edge

Nebbiolo’s nodes, deployed at the edge, provide managed, modular, horizontally scalable and virtualized networking, computing and storage resources, facilitating the consolidation and convergence of traditional functionality, and the insertion of new functionality at the edge.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Fog System Manager (fogSM) provides a cloud based centralized management platform that enables Zero-Touch deployment and provisioning of devices at the edge.

Real Time Analysis and Control

The Nebbiolo Platform hardware and software support real-time software-defined networking and computing in a virtualized environment, together with data management and analytics, enabling richer control and paving the way for device consolidation at the edge.

IT/OT Convergence

Inheriting elements from both the IT and the OT domains, the Nebbiolo Platform naturally brings to the OT domain the most impactful innovations developed for the IT domain at the various levels of the software stack, from networking to security to the data level and to the application level.


Integrated system provides defense in depth for IT/OT bridge with granular network and container based segmentation, hardware root of trust and encryption of data at rest and in motion.

Platform Components


The Nebbiolo fogNodes are purpose-built hardware based on an architecture that enables virtualized compute, network and storage elements. The modular design enables the manifestation of the architecture in many different form factors and with a wide range of capabilities.


fogOS is a rich software stack , enabling fast, secure, flexible communications, data management and application deployment at the fog layer. Distributed computing at the edge and device connectivity features enable a scalable solution.


fogSM implements the system manager functionality for the fogNodes and the connected devices. It offers end-to-end system management of distributed networking and computing systems, assets, software and applications. It can be deployed in the cloud or in On-prem servers.

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