What is Fog Computing?

Fog Computing, the “Fog”, is a complement to Cloud Computing, is the Cloud moving down, “closer to the ground”, to the end systems, the machines, the sensors and actuators.

The Fog is secure, highly available, virtualized, real-time capable edge computing, networking and storage which will enable a powerful convergence between Information Technologies and Industrial Operational Technologies.

We are proudly part of the OpenFog Consortium

Fog Computing is the platform that brings modern, cloud-inspired computing, storage, and networking functions closer to the data-producing sources, while also integrating real-time and safety capabilities.

Fog Computing provides a unified solution at the edge for communications, device management, data harvesting, analysis and control. Fog Computing enables the deployment of a highly distributed but centrally managed infrastructure.

Fog Computing is applicable across all IoT industry verticals

An introduction to Fog Computing.